A health and fitness community built with mothers in mind.

I’m your trainer, Meg. As a mom of four busy kids, I know what it’s like to feel pulled in many directions at once. Motherhood is this beautiful kind of hard but I believe it takes someone strong to give the world strength.

Our mission

At Wilma, we’re on a mission to unify mothers in the pursuit of strength and love from the inside out. We pursue our best to give others the courage and motivation to do the same.
Health is not just about how you look. Health is much more about how you feel. And while we celebrate physical progress, we especially love celebrating the little wins that happen from the inside out; the progress that is felt and experienced in living a healthier and happier life..

Our values

Strength, Love, Courage, and Health.

Why Wilma?

Because I believe in strong women like you.

Women who understand their value isn’t found in their body, or their closet, or the little squares we scroll on social media. Rather, beauty is found in the woman seeking connection through being vulnerably seen rather than perfectly portrayed; the woman who admires someone else’s beauty without questioning her own; the woman who might be afraid to start but laces her shoes anyway. Beauty is the woman who finds courage in the face of insecurity and never gives up on herself.

My belief is that this woman is the heartbeat of the world.

This woman is you. It’s you.

You are worth celebrating and we need you as you are, committed to growth.

Our why

Exercise should be fun. It’s my daily superpower. I have always felt it was a gift to be able to move freely. It connects me to my most authentic self, makes me feel alive and beautiful, and continually pushes me toward growth. Exercise is more than an outcome or calories burned. For me, movement is a lifestyle. It comes from a place of love and I want you to find that same love and energy from movement too, whether you’re at home or in the gym.

Join us in your own pursuit to strong.

Founder of Wilma


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