A Hydration Challenge

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A Hydration Challenge

How are you feeling!? Ready to take on another week? If there's one thing that will help you feel better this week, it’s to stay hydrated! Water is so important, and whenever I focus on it, I seem to be more mindful about fueling with nutritional food too. My skin is clearer, and I just flat out FEEL better.Water helps in not only hydration, but aids in body temperature regulation, lubricates the joints, carries nutrients to our cells and flushes out toxins.As you're sweating in my workouts on the Wilma App, you need to replace that water lost.


I’m going to issue you a challenge for today:




Drink 80ounces of water today. YOU CAN DO IT!

Three tricks I use to get more water in:

1. True Lemon flavoring packets.  I seriously can't live without these things! My favorite flavors are watermelon, raspberry lemonade, peach, strawberry lemonade, and mango. I continuously have these stocked above my kitchen sink. They are so delicious, sweetened with stevia, and I am easily able to get in my water using them! I'll trade off throughout the day doing one32 oz. water bottle of water, and then one 32 oz. favored with True Lemon, etc.

2. The 7-sip rule:  Whenever you go to get a drink, try taking seven sips! It will get you to that goal much faster!

3. Keep it cold! Keep that water cold with a good water bottle. If you haven't invested in a good quality water bottle, now is the time. I love my 32 oz. hydro flask - my favorite size by far!But the one problem I had, was not being able to fit it in my car's cup holder.So, I found THIS, and it's been the best thing ever. Now my 32 oz. fits like a charm and I take it with me everywhere I go.


Let's get in our workouts this week. Plan them into your schedule for the week and let's do this together. 


Xo Meg