A Message from Meg

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A Message from Meg

This morning, or preferably at the beginning of your day today, I want you to turn on a slower song that calms you down or makes you feel happy. Spend the ~3 minutes of that song stretching, moving slowly, sitting/lying with your eyes closed, or heck- doing your favorite yoga flow... all while grounding yourself in gratitude to begin your day. You can also choose to do this in silence if you want- just set a 3-minute timer and see what happens.


As you begin, think about or say THREE things out loud that you're grateful for in your life right now.What is bringing you peace in your life? What is bringing you life? What is bringing you light? Ground yourself there and sit in that space for a bit.


After letting in some light to begin your day, also know how deeply loved and valuable you are. It's going to be a great day.I know we all have a deeper story, we all have pain we face, we all have challenges that arise... but we also find what we seek. Seek the good, seek light- and you will find it. Begin with gratitude.


Let’s have an amazing week, mamas.