Monday Motivation with Meg

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Monday Motivation with Meg

I have a thought you can take with you today and it comes from 

Brendon Burchard who says,


"Doubt increases with inaction.Clarity reveals itself in momentum. Growth comes from progress.For all these reasons, BEGIN."


This has become one of my favorite quotes. I know we're all at different places on our road to greater health and fitness. But I want you to be thinking about this quote. There was a reason I wrote the words "JUST START" at the top of my planner each day for an entire year. It was because I felt compelled to move from where I was to where I wanted to be, even if the situation wasn't"perfect." I’ve made huge personal strides because of it- not only with my business goals, but mental goals, motherhood goals, personal development goals, etc. The action of "just starting" continues to be a mantra for me.


Starting, even if we have fear or doubt, is what takes us on the road to our goals. It's what creates progress. We can't wait for the stars to align just the right way because that moment may never come. We just have to start and plug away each day. Time and consistency start to reap results as we put in the work.


The WilmaApp is all about a movement- a journey - starting with where you are now and moving forward. Moving toward your goals, moving with momentum, living in forward motion, and never giving up. I hope you feel like when you do my workouts, you're moving to GROW. You're moving to overcome barriers within yourself. You're moving to create CHANGE. You're moving to become a better version of yourself. And I'm so happy you're along for the ride.


The workouts this week will push you. We're going to continue to push as a team. We're going to continue on with the healthy habits we've been working on.There's no stopping this train of growth. You are capable of becoming anything you want to become. I believe that with my whole heart. KEEP WORKING HARD.